Sample Monument Protection Letter

NOTE:  Please feel free to copy and paste the below into a Word document for your own use.


Dear Representative / State Senator _________________,

My name is ____________ from your district. My Family and I are appalled with the politically correct onslaught against our Veterans’ Monuments all across our Country. These removals of our Veterans’ Monuments, are pre-planned overreactions to events that are not remotely related to our Heritage and the sacrifices our Veterans made for their Country and State. It’s an agenda by radical leftist and the liberal media to destroy our Nation’s history; and we are ashamed that our elected Representatives have allowed this to happen.


We respectfully ask that you oppose and vote against any legislation that weakens our monument protection law 50-3-1 and any legislation that would give any authority to the local liberal politicians of our Cities and Counties to remove or alter any Veterans monuments. We also would ask that you oppose any legislation that changes any current laws that protects Georgia’s Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial Park to anything other than what it was originally designated as… a Confederate Memorial.

We ask that you do support any modifications to the current monument protection law in code 50-3-1 that strengthen and enforce tougher penalties against those who violate our laws. We want to put an end to these attacks and we hope by strengthening these laws it will deter any future attacks.

We appreciate your service and consideration. My family feels, as Americans it is our duty to always preserve the honor and sacrifices of our Veterans.

Thank you,

( Signed by you and maybe other family members in your household)