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(ATLANTA – May 24, 2016)  Despite politically-correct attacks on Confederate monuments and symbols over the past year, the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Georgia have been continuing work on increasing the number of Confederate monuments across the state.  The next such monument will be dedicated on Memorial Day on May 30th at 3:00 pm at 99 Courthouse Hill in Dahlonega.

The Blue Ridge Rifles Camp # 1860 has been working on this monument project for many years; and with the Members of the Georgia Division voting to help fund the project with Division tag funds, it has finally been accomplished. Camp 1860 put forth all the foot work from the design to pouring the foundation and raising their share of the funds to make the project happen.

There were twelve units that mustered in Lumpkin County for the Confederate army that are on the monument:

Home Guards are as follows :
  •  Co, G 8th Reg.3rd Brigade State troops,
  •  Co. D First Reg. State Troops “Blue Ridge Rangers”
  •  Co B 11th Bat. State Guards “Lumpkin Guards”
  •  Co. C 8th Reg. 3rd Brig. State Troops
  •  Co. A 11th Bat. State Guards “Dahlonega Infantry”
  •  Co. A 4th Reg. 2nd. Brig. Georgia Militia .
Army of Tennessee are as follows:
  •  Co. C 52nd Reg. Georgia Volunteer Infantry
  •  Co. F 65th Reg. Georgia Volunteer Infantry
  •  Co D 52nd Reg. Georgia Volunteer Infantry “Boyd’s Guards”
  •  Co. E 11th Reg. 30th Georgia Calvary Bat.
Army of Northern Virginia are as follows:
  •  Co. H 1st Reg. Ga. Volunteer Infantry (Ramsey’s) “Dahlonega Volunteers”
  •  Co. E Phillips Legion Georgia Volunteer Infantry “Blue Ridge Rifles”.
There were nearly 1200 men in these 12 units from the small mountain town of Dahlonega. Northern influence has always insisted that the mountain counties of Georgia were union sympathizers . As is obvious , that is far from the truth.

The public is invited to attend the dedication, and those wishing to participate in the dedication are asked to wear only period correct attire.

For more information Contact ,
Camp Adjutant, Rodney Grizzle at
For more information about the Sons of Confederate Veterans or any of this year’s planned events to commemorate our Southern Heritage, contact the Georgia SCV at 404-271-8473 or online at
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