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Our Veterans’ monuments are under full attack by the radical leftist establishment,  hate groups, spineless politicians from both parties, and the liberal media. We must take action immediately to put an end to this madness.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is at the forefront of the fight to preserve our Veterans’ honor, but we have got to have your help to be successful. We all are in this together and we need to stick together more than ever.

First, they claimed it was just our Flags. They lied. Now they are removing our Veterans’ monuments, destroying our Religious monuments, vandalizing the monuments for our forefathers and other great historical figures that our Nation honors. It will never stop until they remove all vestiges of our great American Heritage or…. until we stop them.

We must let our State Senators, State Representatives, Mayors, Commissioners, City Council Members and even our US Congresspersons know where we stand on the issue of removing our Veterans’ monuments.

What does a politician fear the most? Its losing their job representing you. The most effective method we all have is expressing our opinions to these politicians by contacting or visiting them.

Take Action:

  1. First Step: Identify and get to know your local State Senator and Representative by going to and entering your Zip Code. It will bring up your State Senator and Representative.


  1. Second Step: Click on their name then all their information including phone number, e-mail address and mailing address will come up for you to save.


  1. Write them a hand-written letter. Try to be polite and to the point. It has been proven that a hand-written letter is the most effective way to get their attention.


  1. Also send them e-mails, and let them know you’re a voter in their district. Make calls; and if you can’t speak to them directly, leave a message with their secretary.


  1. Spread the word. Ask your family, friends and neighbors to do the same. Try to get them involved; it does make a difference.


  1. Are you a register voter? If not “Click on” the below web link for a voter registration form, your vote needs to be counted:


Below are some major points you should stress and some sample letters for your consideration.

  • Always be polite and professional. We are all fed-up and angry with what’s going on. There are diplomatic ways of expressing that anger, just don’t get nasty. That will hurt our efforts.


  • Stress that you are against any efforts to remove or alter any Confederate Veterans’ monuments and Flags.


  • Stress your concerns over the vandalism that is happening to all of our Nation’s monuments by these lawless mobs and cowards in the night.


  • Indicate that you are against the State giving any authority to the liberal Mayors, City Council members and County Commissioners to remove any monuments in the name of “public safety” or if they deem them to be “offensive”.


  • Ask them to support tougher monument protection laws that makes it a felony when violated. That will give citizens standing to sue these entities.


  • Ask them to oppose any changes to Georgia’s Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial Park.

Monument Protection Sample Letter:


Dear Representative / State Senator _________________, – 

My name is ____________   from your district. My Family and I are appalled with the politically correct onslaught against our Veterans’ Monuments all across our Country. These removals of our Veterans’ Monuments, are pre-planned overreactions to events that are not remotely related to our Heritage and the sacrifices our Veterans made for their Country and State. It’s an agenda by radical leftist and the liberal media to destroy our Nation’s history; and we are ashamed that our elected Representatives have allowed this to happen. 


We respectfully ask that you oppose and vote against any legislation that weakens our monument protection law 50-3-1 and any legislation that would give any authority to the local liberal politicians of our Cities and Counties to remove or alter any Veterans monuments. We also would ask that you oppose any legislation that changes any current laws that protects Georgia’s Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial Park to anything other than what it was originally designated as… a Confederate Memorial.

We ask that you do support any modifications to the current monument protection law in code 50-3-1 that strengthen and enforce tougher penalties against those who violate our laws. We want to put an end to these attacks and we hope by strengthening these laws it will deter any future attacks.

 We appreciate your service and consideration. My family feels, as Americans it is our duty to always preserve the honor and sacrifices of our Veterans.

Thank you,

( Signed by you  and maybe other family members in your household)



“Click Here for a Microsoft Word file of the above sample letter”




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Ø  Donate to the Flags Across Georgia Project.


  • Boycott Cities that have already removed our Veterans Monuments:


Ø  Florida:

  • Gainesville.
  • Lake Eola.
  • Orlando.
  • Tampa.

Ø  Georgia:

  • Atlanta.

Ø  Kentucky:

  • Lexington.
  • Louisville.

Ø  Louisiana:

  • New Orleans.

Ø  Maryland:

  • Baltimore.

Ø  Missouri:

  • St. Louis.
  • Kansas City.

Ø  North Carolina:

  • Durham.

Ø  Texas:

  • Austin.
  • Dallas.
  • San Antonio


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