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Little Mary Phagan Day in Georgia


(May 31, 2013 – Atlanta, Ga)    Perhaps the most well-known and most horrific murder in the history Mary Phagan 1of Georgia occurred on April 26, 1913 when little Mary Phagan was brutally raped and murdered while going to collect her wages of $1.20 before attending the parade for the aging Georgia veterans on Confederate Memorial Day.

The following proclamation establishing “Little Mary Phagan Day” is hereby published as commencement of an annual remembrance:

  A Proclamation

Little Mary Phagan Day

Little Mary Phagan was born to Frances Elizabeth L. “Fannie” Phagan Benton Coleman and William Joshua Phagan in Florence, Alabama, on the 1st day of June, in the year of our Lord 1899; and

After the death of William Joshua Phagan, the family moved to Marietta, Georgia; and

Fannie Phagan married John W. Coleman in 1912, moving into the downtown Atlanta community of “Cabbagetown” where Little Mary Phagan began employment at the National Pencil Factory in the Spring of 1912; and

On April 26, 1913, Little Mary Phagan was on her way to celebrate Confederate Memorial Day by attending the parade of those aging Confederate veterans; and

Little Mary Phagan never made the parade, as she was beaten, raped, and brutally murdered, body thrown down an elevator shaft at the age of thirteen years old; and

The United Confederate Veterans and the Masons raised money to bury her at Marietta City Cemetery. She lies in the Southeast corner where Cemetery Street and West Atlanta Street intersect, adjacent to the Confederate Cemetery; and

Our Confederate heroes regarded her death as such importance to have buried her with Confederate veterans watching over her from her right, and Masons to her left; and

The Sons of those men in grey shall forget her not; now

I, Jack Bridwell, Commander,
Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans

do hereby
Proclaim June 1st, 2013, and each June 1st hereafter, as Little Mary Phagan Day.
For more information, please contact Jack Bridwell, Division Commander for the Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans at 1-866-SCV-in-GA or view information online at


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