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Liberals Introduce Bill to Change Stone Mountain Park

The 2016 Georgia Legislative Session opened on January 11, 2016 and already Representative LeDawn Jones (D) of District 62 of DeKalb County has entered House Bill 760 to change the purpose of Stone Mountain and gives unlimited power to state bureaucrats to make “appropriate changes” to Georgia’s Monuments.

House Bill 760 makes the following changes:

  • Eliminates Stone Mountain Memorial Park as a memorial to the Confederacy.
  • Gives the state, its agencies, departments, authorities, or instrumentalities overseeing such monuments or memorials no limitations from augmenting (changing) such monuments or memorials in what they feel are “historically accurate and appropriate manners.”

In short there will be no limitations on the State and its agencies making changes to our Veterans monuments to ensure they are being presented in an “appropriate manner”.  If House Bill 760 is passed, it will make ALL of our Veterans monuments subject to change by politically correct politicians and state bureaucrats any time they deem the monument is not “appropriate.”

The click on the below link to see a copy of this hideous Bill (House Bill 760)

HB 760, Change Stone Mountain

We MUST take action quickly; and our first step is to write, call, and e-mail our State Legislators and Senators to express our opposition to House Bill 760 and politely urge them to be opposed to it as well.

It has been proven that the most effective way to communicate with your Representatives / Senators is with a brief, to the point and polite, hand-written letter mailed and faxed to their office. Below is a example of a briefly written letter.


Dear Representative _________________,

My name is _____________ from your district. I understand that HB 760 has been filed. HB 760 makes sweeping changes to Georgia’s Stone Mountain Memorial Park and our Veterans Monuments by giving State agencies the unlimited power to make changes to our Veteran’s Monuments if they deem them inappropriate.

This legislation, if passed, would put all of our Veterans and War monuments in danger of being altered or removed if it is not deem “appropriate” by those who would try to destroy the very monuments and displays that honors our American Veterans and the sacrifices they make for our State and Country.  

My Family and I strongly oppose House Bill 760 and these disgraceful changes and the unlimited powers it gives those who would dishonor our Veterans in the name of political correctness.

We respectfully ask that you oppose and vote against House Bill 760; and let’s always preserve the honor of our Veterans.

Thank you,

( Signed by you and perhaps other family members in your household)


If you don’t know who your State legislator or Senator is, go to the following link and type in your Zip code:

Find your legislators by clicking on the map where you live (Zoom in on the map by clicking the plus sign.)

If your still having trouble locating your legislator or Senator, e-mail Georgia Division Adjutant Tim Pilgrim at timfpilgrim@yahoo.com.

This call for action is serious, folks. Please send in your letter, call, and e-mail your Representatives; and respectfully ask them to oppose House Bill 760.  Please forward this e-mail to your Camp members and friends.

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