Heritage Offense


The Georgia Division takes seriously our responsibility to stand for the truth of our history and to passionately defend the symbols of our Confederate heroes… their statues, monuments, street names, cemeteries, and more.

Occasionally, enemies of our heritage (or those who are willfully ignorant of the principles for which it stands) either discriminate against fellow Southerners because of their pride in our heritage or desecrate graves and

monuments, or seek to have our symbols publicly removed.  We refer to these incidents as “Heritage Defense.”

If you know of any such violations against our history and heritage, please contact our Division “Heritage Defense” officer below with the details.

We also encourage you to consider making a donation to the “Heritage Defense” fund so that we can legally challenge all those who would erase the memory of our heroes and their Cause.

May God Save Dixie and May God Save Georgia!

Make a Contribution to the Heritage Defense Fund by clicking HERE


Georgia Division Heritage Offense Officer

Tony Jay Pilgrim