Confederate Items 2“The Other Side of the Coin” is a complete curriculum offered free of charge from the Georgia Division.  It has been used by public and private school teachers, homeschool families, and individuals interested in learning about the War Between the States from the Southern view.   Unlike most modern history books, Hollywood films, and television programs, “The Other Side of the Coin” gives the unrevised version of history as presented by our Southern ancestors, including the Confederate soldiers to whom the SCV is pledged to present their case for all future generations of Americans who wish to know the truth about the Southern Cause to examine for themselves.

The entire curriculum is HERE and may be read online or downloaded and printed out with our permission for your convenience.

To use the curriculum online in outline form, THIS LINK will take you to the online version.

The Georgia Division has also made the entire curriculum available as an audio book, also free of charge.  It can be found HERE.