Battle Flag CD

“The Truth about the Confederate Battle Flag” by Pastor John Weaver


battle flag 2aIts has been almost four years now since the Chattahoochee Guards Camp # 1639 took on the project to convert Pastor Weavers talk on the “Truth Concerning the Confederate Battle Flag” to audio CD format to distribute them to the public during Camp events and also have available for other Camps or individuals for the same purposes. The logic behind having the CDs available is the majority of the public doesn’t read or research anymore and unfortunately most believe what they hear. Therefore, by having these cost efficient CDs available provides an easy source to get the message out about the history of the Confederate battle flag, our heritage and why the Confederate Soldier fought and the Christian origins of the Saint Andrews Cross, just by simply pushing in a CD.mrandmrsweaver

Our Camp started out with the goal to distribute 10,000 CDs.  By purchasing a quantity order we were able to get the cost down to .35 cents per CD in a protective envelope. This made it affordable for the Camps to give these CDs away to interested folks or the ones who need a history lesson for free. The project’s success has far exceeded our initial goal. As of date we have distributed through-out the South and to the far corners of our nation over 100,000 copies, just by word of mouth (or e-mail). Other Camps through-out the Confederation has ordered CDs for their events and to just to have on hand to give out. The input we have gotten back from those who have ordered the CDs is nothing but positive and praise. If you would like to listen to the CD, click on the link at the top of this page.

The Camp makes no profit on the CDs.  We distribute them at our cost of .35 cent each, it’s our part in the struggle to get the message out. We currently have some CDs available if any Camp or individual would like to order a batch. All we ask is for a minimum order of 100 CDs at a cost of $35 and an additional $5 to cover the postage to mail them to you for a total of $40. Just send your check made payable to SCV Camp 1639 at 20 Old Fuller Mill Road NE, Marietta, Ga. 30067 or contact Tim Pilgrim at / 404-456-3393.  

Brief Biography of Pastor Weaver:

Pastor John Weaver is a native of Georgia, and a graduate from Bob Jones University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and attended graduate school. He has been in the Christian ministry over 40 years. During that time, he has pastored, and helped plant several churches and Christian schools around the country. Pastor Weaver has traveled across America preaching and lecturing in churches, colleges and conferences.

His knowledge of biblical truth is enlightening and greatly needed. Like Paul, his goal is to preach the whole counsel of God, something that is sadly missing in today’s pulpits. He is now engaged in an evangelistic and conference ministry and travels across the country expounding the word of God. He preaches weekly on Sunday in Waycross, Georgia and in Live Oak, Florida. A native of Georgia, Pastor Weaver and his wife have four children and six grandchildren.

Please feel free to forward and thanks for all your support.
Timothy F. Pilgrim
Adjutant, Georgia Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans
20 Old Fuller Mill Road NE, Marietta, Ga. 30067
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